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Update no. 1

If anybody is still interested, I thought I should add some details regarding the group, setting, etc. I don't wanna tell you too much though, we'll keep this our secret, ok? 

actually I just don't have much to say h-haha

Depending on how many people will be joining, each could make up to 5 characters. I'm saying 5 because I already designed and plan on using 5 so it wouldn't be fair for everybody else to have fewer. Of course, nobody HAS TO have 5, you can make as many as you want, the condition being you can't have more than 5 and less than one //duuh

I'm not sure regarding the plot yet. We might have one, we might not, I guess we could vote once we see if this group will have enough members. What's sure at the moment is that it will take place in Japan during the Edo / Tokugawa period, and it will ALMOST historically correct, so try to design your characters accordingly. The clothing, the spirit, the family, traditions, everything has to fit. What we might overlook is foreigners to some extent. E.g.: As you well know, Japan wasn't exactly secluded during the period, they still had some contact with Dutch, Portuguese, even American, Russian and French ships that came especially to Nagasaki and some of the islands. But you should look more into that, not all of them were welcome there (depending on intentions). I'm sure you'll find more info on Wiki. So we'll allow maybe one of oc from each of those countries. And don't forget about China! 

Actually, everybody should do some research before making their oc. I'll probably post some refs on the blog, SO!

Please design or at least sketch or think of a character (or more) that you'd like to use in the group. Once you do that and you're absolutely sure you want to join, I'll send you the password to the blog. Speaking of which, here's the link:

It doesn't have to be the final versions yet, but it's better if you start designing as soon as possible, we'll open this group really soon.

Oh, and I should mention that we won't do that actually rp'ing on tumblr! I'll make a Skype group and we'll use Gdocs as well, I think it's a lot easier. We'll just post art there! We'll try to be pretty active, so we'll have a lot of themes maybe once or twice a month, but you're more than welcome to draw whatever and whenever you want, as long as it's related to the group, of course!

I'm pretty sure I wanted to say more, but I forgot...
just send in questions, I'll answer everything!

Oh and since we're not even close to getting 15 members at least, ask some of your close friends, we'd love to have them in the group as well!

Have fun designing! 

Me and my incredibly talented friend :iconlegardrua: (GO CHECK HER OUT, SHE'S INCREDIBLE)are making a private rp group on Tumblr. 
It's set somewhere in the 17th century in Japan so it's gonna be historically ALMOST correct (because it's going to be mostly crack. Serious too I guess. At times, haha)

But really now! I'm saying private because I want it to have only a few members, idk, up to 10 or 15? Depending on how many people are interested. I'd like us to become like a cute family! But of course, we might accept more people in time, but let's start small in the beginning!

Please let me know if you're interested!
We still have a lot of work to do regarding this group but we can do it together after more people join

Your characters can do lots of stuff, not only work as a geisha or samurai! Try working for the tea house, the restaurant, painting! Making kimonos! Being a bad person, being a cop! Working for the shogunate, anything! Fishermen! There are just so many options, these are just suggestions, feel free to look for more!

I'll make a list with names and roles, but don't worry about that for now.

Lots of love,

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